Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shoes? Check.

2 Days To Go!!

About 100 princesses are fine tuning their wardrobe selections and making hair plans and accessorizing.
Everyone has been so resourceful...dresses have been found at Goodwill and Nordstrom and everywhere in between. Some have been swapped between friends or lovingly made. So many sweet stories of God's provision for even these relatively insignificant things.
In a world gone mad, how precious that this many men are taking an evening to make absolutely certain that their girls know that they are loved, loved, loved.
The Banker has in the past accused me of being dramatic...but we both know he likes my ways..Anyway, last night I commented that this event is something that S. and the others will talk about after we are gone. No pressure, but it has the potential to be that significant.

So if you are a Cindy Ball dad reading this, while she fusses over clothes, shoes and hair, think about what kinds of words that you could say that would outfit her for a lifetime of security and well being. In the whirlwind of schedules, take this Saturday evening to commemorate that she is loved unconditionally and everlastingly. She can never hear it enough. Go ahead and say it again. Recite for her all of your observations of her inner beauty. You set the bar for any other man who might lay claim to her heart. Make sure she knows she has a Heavenly Father who loves her even more than you do. And spin her around the dance floor, because soon the clock will strike midnight and she will be grown!
No pressure, and
drama has its purposes.

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