Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Birthday Shout Out

This birthday shout-out goes to our Kansas buddies Carri and Brian.
They are great with child, anticipating a birth day of their own in less than a week. A bunch of us were invited to celebrate Kym's b-day with takeouts after church and wanted to take an opportunity to remind them that we care.
Brian and Carri, we want y'all to know that your Jersey friends are thinking of you and praying for a joyful delivery. Can't wait to hear all about that little one!

Todd and Holly with sympathy shoulder pain.

PS- Carri: Had a rushed morning...not exactly Texas hair! How do they keep up with it?!


carridawn said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We sure miss y'all! You brought us huge smiles today. Thank you for thinking of us. Y'all are so sweet! Glad that you got to love on Kym today. MISS YOU! Lots of love~ the moores

e_susan94 said...

Cute photos posted and if carri is reading I am thinking of you and sorry I haven't posted much but read every so often.

That white thing on my sweater was my name tag from church. Duh, I didn't take it off and it's probably in the wash right now. LOL