Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cinderella Spotlight II

10 Days To The Cinderella Ball!
Early on in the evolution of the planning of the Ball, S. thought that white and earthtone pumpkins would be the ideal centerpiece for each table, but could not rationalize them in the budget or imagine how to transport them to The Grand Ballroom.
That disappointment was completely unknown to our friends Roy and Sherry at Gaventa Farm when they called Monday morning and asked if she might be interested in some of the pumpkins from their bumper crop, and yes, Roy could truck them up to the venue on the evening of the ball. Unreal!
So on Monday afternoon we drove out to the field to pick out the 50-plus pumpkins that will adorn each table, the candy bar and silent auction tables. Lovely!Thank you Roy and Sherry for helping to make a dream-come-true! Your offer was heaven-sent!

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