Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cinderella Spotlight- Eleanor

We really must introduce some of the special people who are giving of their time and talent to make The Cinderella Ball a night to remember.

Meet Eleanor of The Candy Box in Richwood, NJ.

The Candy Box has been in operation for nearly 60 years and has not changed a bit since my grandmother took me there as a child. That was soon after Eleanor, its current proprietor, acquired the business in 1981. Generations of South Jersey residents have filled the little shop behind her home at each holiday season throughout the calendar year. Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day find folks lined up out the door waiting to purchase her confections.

Eleanor explained that she does as much Christmas shopping ahead of December, because she pretty much only leaves the shop to go to church during that month!

Eleanor has been so gracious as to donate pounds and pounds of specialty candies for the candy bar at The Cinderella Ball.

Girls will be given festive paper cones to fill with the candies they choose from a vast assortment which will be beautifully presented in large jars. A feast for the eyes it will be!
Thank you, Eleanor for sharing the vision!

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