Sunday, May 31, 2009

Destination Reservation

Click HERE to get to the blog which will follow the preparations for our planned trip to the Navajo reservation in New Mexico in August. So many details need to be worked out and some daunting obstacles must be overcome....all prayer is much appreciated.
We have been invited to bring a Vacation Bible School program to the children there as well as in a small town nearby. Imagine taking 40+ students to an unfamiliar place, to serve an undetermined number of children in an uncertain location with finances that are not quite in place yet. Sounds like a God Show in the making to me!

You Did What!!! Part 2

Once again I talked my way backstage to meet another of my kids' favorite bands, much to their chagrine/delight/embarrassment! This time a photo op with Sanctus Real. Oh how I needed to hear their song, "We Need Each Other" tonight.

And I. was happy to meet Josh Sundquist after the concert. Great guy...have to get reading his book, "A Leg Up".

Stay tuned to this space for a bunch of updates and some very good excuses for the 2 month bloggy lull. Off to bed! Monday's coming!