Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Sea of Humanity

Our MOPS group is growing beautifully and this week's steering committee meeting was definitely photo-worthy!

I don't believe any of the moms sat for more than 5 minutes at a given time and the innate radar surveillance of the various rooms in Kym's house would rival the Pentagon's abilities! While the itinerary of the meeting unfolded, people were fed, wiped, comforted, disciplined, lost, found, dressed and undressed. Mom Power!

While Moms strategized in the dining room, little girls danced in the kitchen, others played in the bedrooms and the swing set was in full swing!

Our chapter of MOPS began in September and we now have 32 moms registered, with about 45 of their offspring enrolled in Moppets. Fun Times!
Funny, but I don't think this is anything like the scene at The Banker's board meetings. Oh what very different worlds we live in! So thankful for God's grace and good chemistry!

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