Monday, September 22, 2008

You Did WHAT?!?! No You Didn't!!!

Oh yes I DID and I have pictures to prove it!I had a blast driving our two teenagers and some of their friends an hour and a half away to a concert at Calvary Chapel of Souderton, PA. One of the 3 bands featured was Tenth Avenue North, whose music we discovered last spring. Their latest CD became the soundtrack to our summer in the minivan. Even the 3-year-old belts out "You say let it go....".

While the kids were all in the concert hall listening to Vota, I did the boldest thing I've done, well, this week: I stalked an official-looking photographer guy and asked him if there was anyway I could go back stage and get a picture with the Tenth Avenue North guys for my blog without the kids knowing so I could blow their minds when I posted it. That official looking guy took me to an un-official looking guy who totally "got" what I was trying to pull off. I thought there might be some kind of security checkpoints, but apparently they don't consider you a threat if you look old enough to be the mother of the band members. So I found my way through a labyrinth of hallways and quickly explained my mission to Mike, Jeff, and Jason. They graciously smiled for the picture and didn't even act like I was weird. So kind.

I am a terrrible liar, so at intermission when the kids asked where I had been I non-chalantly said, "Oh, you know, just hanging out backstage with the band." Tee hee hee.

I hope I embarrass my kids just enough to be fun, but not too much; and as someone at the merch table at the concert pointed out, I hope I don't spoil the image of Tenth Avenue North...I'm not exactly in their demographic! Great guys, good music, and fantastic lyrics! Oh, and they need a bus. Let's all pray for a cheap bus.

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carridawn said...

WHAT A COOL MOM YOU ARE!!! You had such a great idea - totally surprised the kids. How fun!!!