Monday, September 22, 2008

A Fine Sunday

M. is a motorcycle man. Always has been. He loves the noise, the chrome, the speed. So yesterday when I sat in our ABF class at church and I heard a familiar rumbling outside, I flew to M.'s Sunday School classroom and excused him so that we could get outside just in time to see what has become an annual event:


ABOUT 1000 Motorcycles!!!

Motorcycle after motorcycle after motorcycle!

I don't know what the official event is, but this is the 3rd year that I can remember that hundreds of bikers have passed by our church. They sound like a jet plane landing nearby and two years ago it coincided with the sermon. Pretty funny.

M. waved with great enthusiasm to the bikers and most of them beeped and waved. He begged me to go get all of his other Sunday School friends so they could wave too. I decided not to, and wondered what underlaying lessons I am teaching my boy; that Sunday School attendance is imperative, unless of course there is a motorcycle parade? Hopefully it is to fully enjoy those extraordinary moments that sneak up on us and thank the Lord for simple joys.

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