Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cinderella Ball Update

It's happening!! The ball invitations have been sent out and requests for more of them to be given to friends have been rolling in! S. has been in touch with radio and newspaper people who have offered to help spread the word. Next target: cable TV.
Little girls and big girls are all a-twitter and we're getting word that a number of daddies are sharpening their (in some cases non-existent) dancing skills.
And this will bless your heart: S. and I did our very best to be sensitive about the fact that a number of girls in our midst do not have a Daddy who is willing or able to attend the Ball. Invitations were sent to those families ahead of all of the others when possible and with a note that reads:
Understanding that not all Daddies
will be able to attend the Cinderella Ball,
girls are encouraged to honor a special man in their lives
by inviting him to be their escort for the evening.
Likewise, if a gentleman would like to
escort a girl in such circumstances
he is welcome to share an invitation with her family.
Do you know that to our knowledge, not one girl for whom we had a concern is lacking for an escort? Uncles, Grandpas, and precious friends have assumed the honor of an invitation to stand in the role of a father for an evening. What a beautiful thing. Worth dancing about!

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