Monday, September 8, 2008

Speed Racer Must Have Had A Prayin' Mama

Last weekend we spontaneously invited our good friends, the J's to join us for an afternoon at the new Millville Motorsports Park. It was our first exposure to the world of auto racing and we were very impressed by the obvious devotion of the loyal fans there, braving the August heat and sun to watch their drivers whizzing by at ridiculous speeds. We took seats behind the pit-crew area and marvelled at the precision and technology involved. All in all a fun time. Until.
Our boys have been friends with the J's two boys for years and they all enjoy being BOYS. Weapons and extreme sports usually seem to get worked into their conversations. Much testosterone among them.
So it seemed like the perfect idea to take the three eldest; our D. and their two, over to the motorcart track for some racing of their own. These are no kiddie cars, mind you, they can top 50mph. My dear friend Mrs. J. and I admired our fine young men in their jumpsuits and insisted upon a photo shoot before they headed out to the track.
All was going well until one of the identical helmeted racers spun off the track and took a header into the guardrail dozens of yards away. Dads ran to the scene while Moms prayed. Thank The Lord that the younger J. was fine, though his motorcart took a beating! Bent the steering wheel evn! Younger siblings were very impressed by the obligatory ambulance ride. I did tell the poor accident victim that I would not be posting any post-crash shots of him.
Earlier in the afternoon Mrs. J. and I were citing the merits of the Civil Air Patrol which has a local squadron for guys of this age, but perhaps we need to recover from last weekend's adventure before we're ready to see them airborne! Thank you Jesus for angels working overtime!

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carridawn said...

WOW!!! SO glad that all are ok. BOYS BOYS BOYS! They keep us on our toes ;) (and also on our knees in prayer!)
Miss y'all!