Monday, September 22, 2008


I Think Not!!
I am not reading any mystical meaning into the funny things that happen to me. I just try to enjoy them along the way.
My daughter rolled her eyes at me again. This time it was because I sort of screamed in the parking lot at Sam's Club. You see, we were leaving our car and I was talking about wanting to go back to Arizona sometime. Don't you know that I glanced down just then and laid my eyes on an Arizona license plate?! It gave me a bit of a start, because it was such a strange feeling to say a random word and simultaneously read it unexpectedly. I felt obligated to take a picture of it, with her concealing the poor car-owner's identity, of course. Sometimes I wonder, is this normal? My daughter doesn't think so, but she tolerates me anyway. Thanks, S., I love you for that a bizillion other reasons!

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