Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So About That Road Trip...

On a sunny Sunday morning in late July, we packed 6 humans, as many duffle bags, and a number of iPods into our poor Honda Odyssey and waved goodbye to The Banker before a 14 hour drive to Indianapolis. The boy upon the shoulders was the only one genuinely smiling for the camera...he just knew that he was going to ride a horse when we got to New Mexico, and that was enough for him!
It was already clear that this trip would be a step of faith. We only knew that we would have the honor to serve people whose experience and heritage was very different from our own.
A couple of things for sure; the unexpected was a certainty, and whatever we had forgotten to pack could definitely be found at one of the dozens of Walmarts we would pass along the way. Thank you Lord for Walmart.

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