Sunday, January 31, 2010

Extreme Makeover

It was time for this boy to have a grown up bedroom, replacing the school-bus yellow walls that he wanted so badly when the Pink Victorian first became ours.
Our crew loves to tell the story of how I came to be driving in a homemade trashbag skirt after a disastrous yellow paint spill. I was working alone on the finishing touches of the room before we had even moved in. I lost my balance and a considerable flood of latex pearl finish saturated my jeans. We had nothing at the house yet for me to change into so I was forced to be resourceful and make the most of a construction grade black trash bag that I found in the basement. It seemed like something Lucy and Ethel would have done. I had no idea that the story would be part of my legacy. I half expect it to be told at my funeral!

Anyway, on his birthday, without his knowing, his sneaky family planned an Extreme Makeover Bedroom Edition!

We had to work FAST!

Upon his return home he found a gift-wrapped doorway with a "MOVE THAT BUS" poster. Hours of team effort resulted in one of our best-executed surprises!
So glad he liked the end result because there was no turning back!
Sure to be another great family story...

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