Sunday, June 7, 2009

Duggar Papparazzi

My friend Patty, who could have a reality show of her own, introduced us to another one of my she-roes, Michelle Duggar and some of her children. Patty and her husband have many many children, some they've birthed and some they have adopted. Our I. once mistook them for the Duggars because their family is so large. In church this morning I had to shush him and stop him from staring at the family sitting behind Patty's. Again he said it was the Duggars. I impatiently chided him that not every large family is the Duggars and to pay attention to the sermon. Ooops. It really was the Duggars.

I thanked Michelle for her encouraging example as a mom and my friend Cynthia mentioned that Michelle's cheerful countenance never seems to change, regardless of the situation. Now THAT is worth emulating. I think I'll try it tomorrow and see if I can make it throught the morning cheerfully.

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Catherine ~ The Purple Pear ~ said...

That's so fun! I just heard they were at your church today. I wish I would've known earlier. :)