Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All A-Twitter

The other night at the Sanctus Real concert I was telling a couple of young friends who were so impressed with my backstage-accessing abilities that the photo would appear on my really lame blog as soon as I got a minute to upload it. It shocks some people of that generation that I have no desire to have a Facebook or get on Twitter. A few have even taken it as a personal challenge to bring me into those realities and it may just be a matter of time before they succeed.
Those young'uns really have no idea how unworthy of journaling much of my daily routine is. Here is a sample of the goings-on thus far this morning:

Sometime before 7AM:
Scratch The Banker's back
- reach for my glasses
-stumble to the laundry and toss a load in
-go to the third floor to search for The Banker's t-shirts which must have been delivered with someone else's laundry to the wrong room
- go down to the kitchen to set up tea water
-carry stuff downstairs on the way
-let Sadie the dog outside
-open the dishwasher to empty it
- realize that the dishwasher failed to run in the night and reset it
-let Sadie back in
-carry stuff on stairs up
- talk to the Banker about who should/should not go to camp this summer
-carry stuff on stairs down
-take out some breakfast
- visit with our paint guy for a few minutes and threaten to cry if some of the Pink Victorian's aging coat is not properly cared for
- the threat works and he will bring his guy around to discuss the matter
- notice the clogged powder room toilet
-stop on the way up to get the plunger to give an empassioned lecture on bicycle helmet safety to the 14 year old
- he concedes
-carry stuff upstairs
-get plunger
- carry stuff downstairs
-plunge toilet
-who DID this???
- wake up more people with sweet voice and back-scratching
- no response
- dire warnings to GET UP!!
- get my salad and iced tea and go to desk
- mental note to vaccuum soon
- quick prayer
- pullout the bills
- bring up the emails
-girlfriend engaged!!!
-Praise Be!
- determine not to get overwhelmed by all there is to get done
- Read the book of Judges chapter 5
- a couple of my favorite Bible chicks there
- Deborah and Jael
- gutsy mamas for God-
-Deborah was looking out for willing volunteers- Preach it Girl!
-Jael did the messy but necessary thing that only she could/would do
-mental note to disinfect the plunger
- Poor Sisera's mama
- Expecting great things of her boy-
-"March on my soul, be strong!"
- pray some more
- snuggle the half awake 4 year old who wields the guilts by asking "Remember Mommy when I was 3 and you made me pancakes EVERYDAY?"
- low blow
- pray some more
- off to find the pancake mix
- 8:18 AM.

Really Abby, does this have Twit potential?
Enjoy your wonderful beautiful everyday life! Wouldn't trade mine.


carridawn said...

LOVED THIS!!!!! You had me laughing so hard . . . mommyhood!!! The exciting lives we live - but would not trade it for anything :)
Miss you and lots of love to you!

Catherine ~ The Purple Pear ~ said...

How fun! I love how it seemed like all of that happened over the span of an entire day and then at the end we realized it was only an hour or so! :)