Monday, December 15, 2008


The last two weeks have been extraordinarily full, which is sayin' somethin' around here. Thus the bloggy lull. At times like these I get pretty whiney, leaving The Banker at a loss. Today after church he told me that what I needed was to go by myself to Longwood Gardens and have a meal in their yummy restaurant. He was almost exactly right, just forgetting that there are few things which I like to do all alone.
So I grabbed one of my favorite sons; the one I hardly get to see these days because of his basketball talents. (He won the game for his team recently, by the way. One of those last minute, all-net shots where the entire gym holds its breath with anticipation.) Anyway, he dutifully went along and even let me hold his arm from time to time, practicing in case I ever get to be the eccentric old lady that I am in training to become.

We listened to separate music on the way, but the company was great.
My Music. One of the very few Christmas songs I like.

His Music. I like it too, makes me run faster in the morning.

We ate THIS. Chester County Mushroom Soup.

We saw THIS.


I took THESE along, but never did read them. Reading is over-rated anyway.

We posed HERE. Such a nice boy.

We shopped HERE on the way home.

The boy honestly thought this hairband was a fancy sleep mask.
So now I've got my color fix and we're ready to face another week of Christmas prep. Hope to catch up on the bloggy lull right away.

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