Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Susan

I have a growing collection of Susans. Susans are just lovely and useful friends. I already posted Miss Sue, there's my stylish and Southwest-fixated sister-in-law Susan, my California-grown froo-friend Susan, Susan of Narnia, and I could just go on and on, but today meet my friend Susan a.k.a. Suzy homemaker.

Gingerbread biscotti and homemade marshmallows.

I'm not kidding.

She is priceless, authentic and completely unedited. Last week at our MOPS Christmas Party, hosted at our home, she was making strong anti- fake fruit and flower statements and I could hardly contain myself as she dug herself in deeper and deeper, sitting just feet from my 2-foot tall pillar of fake-as-they-come cranberries. Not to mention a monsterous silk flower arrangement next to that. There was no recovering when we pointed them out to her. "Oh, I don't mind them in other peoples' houses, just not in mine!" She didn't say what she thought of my all-natural white Christmas tree in the dining room.

Susan puts all of us to shame with her organic everything, her from-scratch recipes and professional cake decorating. The Italian Mother in her is spoiling her beautiful boys for their future wives, no doubt. She is a great cyber-friend, too, discovering the most beautiful blogs for me to check out. One of these days she will start one of her own and put Martha out of business!
What makes everything she does so beautiful is that it is all laced with 100% pure affection.
I love you, Susan! SO glad you came into my little world!

Susan with the thrifted plastic Christmas arrangements that I bought just to decorate her MOPS table this week. She probably broke out in hives from contacting them and will mix up a homeopathic remedy!


carridawn said...

And I second all of that! Susan is so sweet, giving and very creative. Then she would not be satisfied in my fake Christmas tree, fake ivy, fake flowers house. But, she gives so much love to all! Give her a hug for me :)

e_susan94 said...

OK, I'M LAUGHING OUT LOUD HERE!!!!!! I was waiting for you to post these since you were taking pictures of me recently. I'm so embarrased that my face (tired face) is plastered on this for the world to see! :) Ha,ha!

Let me splain myself.... It "all" started when we were exchanging Christmas ornaments and I was telling some how I enjoy drying flowers from my yard (peonies, hydrangeas,lavendar, etc) and my ornament happened to be a pretty, red berry ball and I was touching it just to see if it was real dried or plastic and the rest is history!I should've stopped there but then it got worse and everyone was laughing since Crystal has lots of flower arrangments around especially at Christmas time. :) I don't like to dust so I was saying the less stuff I have the easier on me because I get anxiety now when the trains, lincoln logs, and dominos are thrown all over the playroom floor for days and until I threaten discipline is when they have a desire to clean up!

Claudia said...

this is my cousin so i know her well and she could totally surpass martha stewart in my eyes!! she's wonderful!!