Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dreams Do Come True!!- Part 2

Another smile, another very happy boy...N. had a fun season of baseball with coaches who were every little league parent's dream; patient, encouraging, and living vicariously through the kids. While the games were competitive, we did not anticipate that the guys would endure the playoffs all of the way to the end. Going to the final game seemed like just a formality, with everyone honestly expecting a loss.
Amazingly, the opposing pitcher gave up a series of walks, followed by another of their players' failing to touch the plate when trying to get one of our guys out at home. With little warning at all, victory came within reach! Even after the winning play, the coaches kept repeating to the kids, "You did it guys! Do you get it? You just won the championships!!". The kids seemed very awkward with their unexpected titles of champion, but somewhere between the field and the ice cream stand afterward they gained their confidence, singing "We Are The Champions" very badly.
Makes an exhausted sports mom like me want to sign up for next year right now! Way to go N.!!

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