Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A quick trip to DC for a conference lead to an invitation to meet with Congressman Frank Lobiondo at his office and a staff-guided tour of the Capitol Building. That should serve as our history curriculum for this week, I'd say!

We were escorted through the security checkpoints and the tunnels that connect the offices and the Capitol itself. No sign of Jack Bauer, though. Once again the matching navy Land's End blazers proved to be an excellent wardrobe investment. We own them in a range of sizes and have pulled them out of the closet for short-notice special occasions with remarkable frequency.

Had to catch these great poses of the boys admiring the interior of the Capitol dome. We were definitely outnumbered by a flock of red-hatters in the rotunda. They are just adorable and are probably a political force in their own right!

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carridawn said...

What a great opportunity! Everyone looks so distinguished! Glad that y'all had a good trip :) Miss you!