Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a Few Minutes

Hi There Bloggy Friends- I need to enlist the help of as many of you and your friends as possible, if you don't mind....but even if you do mind, I need to ask anyway. I will be speaking to our local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in a couple of weeks and in preparation I need to get inside the heads and hearts of as many women as possible...a survey of sorts.
So please take just a few minutes to leave your responses to these 3 easy questions in my "comments" and then take a few more minutes to beg all of your friends to do the same for A) The sake of scientific research into the female psyche, and B) for the chance of receiving a giveaway of Beth Moore's "Feathers From My Nest" . Hey, we all love to support scientific research, and you can't beat a free and very re-giftable book.
So here goes, choose one (realistically) or all (overachiever) of these 3 easy questions:
#1- In your opinion, what is the most difficult thing about being a woman?
#2- Please describe a way in which you have surprised yourself in regard to
what you are or do related to what you once were or did.
#3-What skill or attribute do you intend to develop in the next 5 years? Extra
credit if you can describe the plan you have to accomplish that.
Be as silly or as serious as you like, but please be real. In one week I will randomly draw one commentor's name and ship you your book and the box of tissues you will need to go with it.
Thank you bloggy friends! Pass It On!


kds said...

The hardest thing about being a woman is the little things:
-the hours put into the bathroom time...shower, shave, spray,blow dry, spray, blowdry, fluff, blow dry, spray, extra fluff, make up, fixing make up, jewlry, trying on 15 things, tucking everything in right, looking in the mirror...ok, now to attack the kids!!

I love to run. I would never be able to imagine enjoying...just running. But, it is my piece of peace.

I would love to be able to continue to run.

I would love to be able to run my house as a castle....which means that I need to raise up a team of bakers, butlers, cleaners and maybe a jester!

pce said...

The hardest thing about being a woman is trying to get everything done on my never ending "to do" list. Although I get alot accomplished each day I never seem to finish the list. I also strive to be the best mother, wife, cook, gardner, friend, volunteer, teacher, etc.etc. I think there are alot of presures for women in this respect and it's difficult for me to realize that it can't all be done!

I never applied myself in high school and didn't think I was smart enough for college. I took a chance, and a loan and actually got a college degree and did well. I've learned that if you are determined enough you can accomplish anything. This gives you the confidence to say "ok if I can do that, what's next?"

I feel that I am a life long learner and have a little list of skills I would like to learn. I just taught myself to sew and actually made a shirt (although it may fall apart in the wash LOL). This was a goal of mine and I needed to make it a priority. I've learned that I need to put myself on my "to do" list also. It may not be everyday but it can be done if you really want it to.

Anonymous said...

Q-The hardest thing about being a woman! WOW, that is a tough one.

A-I would have to say being super mom and wife while taking time out for me. I find it hard sometimes to do all three the best that I can. It's hard to admit I can't always do all three at once. Somehow one always is neglected. Sadly it seems to always be me! I take pride in being a good mother and wife but rarely see the joy in being a good Me. If that makes sense.

Q-How I surprised myself in how or who I'd once be. Hmm.........

A-Growing up I never had anyone telling me that I could or should go to college or that I could be anyone I wanted to be. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. By the time I was adopted at 14 into a lovely family I was who I was.
I could say that my childhood dream was to break the cycle that was "my being." I surprised myself by becoming a wonderful, faithful, loving, spiritual, and dependable woman, mother and wife. It is something that my children will never live in fear or that my husband and I can connect without harshness. That's amazing to me. What also surprises me is that I don't live in fear, anger nor resentment.

Q-The one attribute or skill I intend to develop in the next five years. How I hope to succeed.

A-On a small note I wish to sew. I have a sewing machine and I hope to take a class.
On a bigger note...? I don't know? Like a fine wine I just hope to get better with age... lol

NJM said...

#2 I am so surprised at the way God prepares us for our lives when we least expect it! I had no idea the many shifts of "assembly line baby care" in the intensive care nursery, newborn nursery, and pediatrics unit as an RN was actually my preparation for real life care of multiples!! We were so surprised when our family doubled in size last year when we were blessed with baby girl twins. I don't know if I would have handled it as well if I didn't have the practical experience ahead of time. We have made it through the first year with the help and prayers of friends and family!!