Saturday, January 10, 2009

NoHo Field Trip Part 3: M&J Trims and Times Square

Off to M&J Trims in the garment district to get some edging for Isabelle's bib. They have EV-ER-Y-THING for trimming and handbag hardware, millinery doo-dads, tassels and ribbons. Overwhelming. Completely overwhelming.

An obligatory stop at the Apple store. One of each please.

Shopping for finger puppets for another cousin from a street vendor. A silly dispute over which was Yoda and which was Shrek. I wanted neither, but some days these kiddoes can argue over ANYTHING! We bought a generic monkey for Cousin and moved on.

S. Coveting some running shoes at the Adidas store.

When we said we were leaving SoHo (derived from SOuth of HOuston) someone asked, "Now where? NoHo??." Logical. There must be something north of Houston.
Love that.

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Sarah said...

Crystal, thank you for your comment! Wow--God has done a lot for you this past year! (I'm insanely jealous that you got to go to a Beth Moore conference--I'm holding out hope for the Deeper Still in OKC this coming December!!)

I think that it wasn't until I started reading comments on my "last" post that I realized God has used my blog to minister to others, and that now was no time for quitting! I'm excited to see where He takes it from here!

I appreciate your encouraging comment--thank you for taking the time to share all those great stories!

Blessings to you,